Social Bookmarking and Tagging Tag Search

8 October 2007. lets you search user tags to find books and other products sold through this popular online shopping site. Tag Search

8 October 2007. Popular social bookmarking site,, lets you search user tags to discover popular or recent bookmarks.


15 November 2007. Revised 19 November 2007. Docstoc combines file sharing and social networking. Members upload documents they agree to share. Documents are categorized broadly as legal, business, financial, technology, educational or creative. Other members also may tag or comment on the documents.

You may browse, display and e-mail documents without becoming a member. However, to upload and share, tag, comment on, or download documents, you must register with the site.

All documents, regardless of their original format, display in MacroMedia FlashPaper. Therefore, you must allow javascript to run at this site.


30 October 2007. The beta search engine crawls and indexes information about people. According to documentation at the site, it seeks out Web page bios, social network profiles, blog entries and more. It further allows members to add tags, pictures or web links, or vote on existing information to increase the relevancy of the information it provides.

Search by name, e-mail address or tag. You may also limit results by location, gender or approximate age.

The search by tag option makes Spock a potential resource for finding experts.

11 April 2008. is a beta meta search engine that queries sites that allow visitors to tag information. As of this writing, it searches Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, Dailymotion and Enter a company name - Mars Candy, for instance - to find videos, pictures and text that someone tagged with the keyword entered.


8 October 2007. Technorati is a search engine for finding blogs and tagged social media, such as videos and photos. It helps you find individual blog comments as well as blogs that match your keywords. You may search by keyword, URL or user tag.


8 October 2007. Currently in beta, Thagoo is a meta-search engine for social bookmarking or user-generated tagging sites. Results come from sites such as, Furl and My Web Yahoo.