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@: RT @jeffrey_taylor: If you didn't know airplane mode helps speed charging, here you go: That's my tech tip of the day.
@: RT @maxkeiser: The 'No' vote is all KPMG/EY/PwC/Deloitte consultants mouthing talking points written by crooks. The 'Yes' vote are real people. #indyref
@: @adambonin Rebellious Lawyering Conference on Race feat. Gerald P. López Nov. 13-15, 2014 UC Hastings Law SF
@: RT @MandourLaw: #Hersheys has filed a lawsuit against a foreign importer for using their trademarks. #lawsuit #trademarklaw
@: RT @richardcstevens: Ditto: "1. What does Wichita need right now? 2. What are you doing to make it happen? 3. What can I do to help you?"