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@: RT @VTLawSchool: RT @vtrighttoknow: Sen. Benning says Judiciary cmte got comfort from @VTLawSchool memo outlining legal issues on #GMO bill. @CAFScenter
@: RT @VTLawSchool: @Politico: "#Vermont poised to pass #GMO labeling law" comments from @VTLawSchool's Laurie Beyranevand @CAFScenter
@: RT @ScottGreenfield: How many people RT'd the @USAirways plane vagina pic? You realize you could all be criminals under #revengeporn laws, right?
@: @Marelisa Really? I don't have that luxury, and actually don't have soup all that often, though I like it
@: RT @ColumbiaLaw: Prof. Alex Carter leads #UN peace-building training for women w/ @InclusvSecurity’s Miki Jacevic: @UNITAR @UN