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@: RT @retheauditors: “@marklemley: PACER removing pre-2012 case files for many courts. So much for "public access" to records.” Sucks
@: @SimretZeru @ArcheAge Safe your boat :P SdA KENSHI is coming for destroy it! :3 xdd PD: NICE PICK! :3
@: RT @kevinokeefe: Twitter analytics dashboard: How to find out if people are reading your tweets. @WillOremus f/ @slate
@: RT @LoyolaLaw: Loyola 1Ls have hit the ground running--and they sure seem happy to be here! #Classof2017
@: RT @lessig: Of Course It Matters | Lessig | TEDxKC - YouTube Another talk has to be retired. #MaydayPAC