Lawyer Directories

Justia Lawyer Directory

A free online lawyer directory that provides detailed profiles of lawyers, law firms, and non-profit legal service and legal aid organizations in the United States. Search and browse for attorneys by name, practice area and/or geographic location. Any lawyer or organization can have a free full profile on the Justia Lawyer Directory. Lawyers or organizations who claim their profiles are able to provide detailed information on experience as well as links to a Website and blog, or other social network or directory profiles. Those who claim their profiles will also receive karma credit and higher listings by supporting organizations, like Cornell's Legal Information Institute, that provide free legal information.


Avvo's lawyer directory provides profiles and ratings of attorneys. The profiles contain information such as lawyer's experience, areas of practice, disciplinary history, and ratings from clients. Profile data comes from many sources, including state courts and bar associations, lawyer websites, and information provided by lawyers.

Nolo Lawyer Directory

Nolo's free lawyer directory provides lawyer profiles and verification that each lawyer is in good standing. Lawyers in this directory have agreed to the "Nolo Pledge" which promises, among other things, respectful service and a clear, fair, written agreement as well as detailed and timely bills. Browse and search by location or practice area / issue.

FirmSeek helps those seeking legal and other services find a firm, and those wanting to expand their client base find clients. To find a law firm for your legal issue, first select "law" and then "find the right firm." The database, which works like an expert system, lets you search by type of litigation or transaction, industry, United States or other country, and other qualifiers. Lawyer Directory

A free lawyer directory powered by LexisNexis provides profiles of both lawyers and law firms. Search and browse by name, location or practice area.

This site, authored by attorneys, offers commentary and services primarily for consumers. Find answers to common legal questions like how to find a lawyer or what happens if someone dies without a will. Or, review checklists intended to help you avoid legal problems. The site also offers several legal forms (primarily for use in New York) and summaries of court decisions pertaining to various legal topics (banking, divorce, elder law, estate planning, health care, landlord/tenant, personal injury, tax and more). Unfortunately, these brief commentaries do not always include sufficient information for tracking down the case.

LexisNexis offers a number of legal or law-related sources via this site. Find a lawyer by personal or firm name, location or practice area. Search for articles on law-related topics by keyword. Find experts by keyword or category, legal organizations or events, descriptions of key LexisNexis online resources, such as the Law Digest, and more.


American Lawyer Media offers this searchable directory of expert witnesses. Search by name, keyword, location, or other criteria to find expert witness profiles and contact information. Profiles often include a photo, full resume, e-mail contact (address hidden), education, licensing and primary expertise. You may also browse the database by expertise.

Injury Board - Personal Injury Law Firm search Engine

Part of the personal injury Web site,, this search engine helps you find a personal injury lawyer or law firm. You can search by keyword in a specific state or nationwide. Results include a link to the lawyer/law firm, a firm profile and hits to pages within the lawyer/law firm Web site that match your query. Related information appears to the right of the search results. This includes brief articles (overviews), news, FAQs and government reports.