Blog Search Engines

Summize Conversational Search

Search Twitter tweets in real time. In my brief tests, the search engine does appear to query tweets (postings) in real time. Search by keyword; or select the advanced search option to query certain fields, such as who authored the tweet (from:), or posts referencing an author (@). You may also search for imbedded URLs to discover who is tweeting your Web pages. You might want to convert the Web page URL to a tinyurl address first because many tweets shorten the URL to save space.


Technorati is a search engine for finding blogs and tagged social media, such as videos and photos. It helps you find individual blog comments as well as blogs that match your keywords. You may search by keyword, URL or user tag.

Tweet Scan

Created by computer consultant, David Sterry, Tweet Scan lets you query Twitter postings (called tweets). Twitter is a micro-blogging Web service; that is, comments are limited to 140 characters. There's no archive. Comments simply go away after awhile. (Some have speculated that 200 postings is the maximum stored per user.)

You may search by keyword or user name. Tweet Scan claims to search Twitter in real-time. But my tests found the claim to be exaggerated. It does index current postings, but not apparently in real-time. My tests found different lag times, ranging from about 30 minutes to 24 hours. My tests also found inconsistencies in the comprehensiveness of coverage from user to user. Nonetheless, searching Tweet Scan provides an alternative to using Google to search Twitter. It also seems to yield more results than Google.


Zuula enables searching multiple search engines simultaneously. It differs from a meta-search engine in that it returns single search engine results without processing them. You may check the results of one search engine by clicking its corresponding tab.

Opt to search the Web, images, news, blogs or jobs. Zuula lets you set your search engine preferences. You may opt to query certain engines and you may set the order in which you search them. Currently, the blog search engines covered include Google, Technorati, IceRocket, Feedster, Blogpulse, Sphere, Bloglines, Blogdigger and Topix.