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JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

JurisPro offers a free directory of expert witness profiles. Search by keyword, or expert or company name. Or browse the subject index. Profiles include some or all of the following: contact information, picture of expert, introduction, Web page (hosted by JurisPro), background information, articles, references, and curriculum vitae.

Find a database of court transcripts containing expert witness testimony. There is no information about the scope of coverage (courts, dates, fields/industries). Currently, it appears to be a small database, containing a few hundred transcripts. While the presence of a search box indicates keyword searching is available, it didn't work for us. You may browse case name, expert name or type of expertise. There is a charge to download the transcript.

Daubert Tracker

A fee-based resource by MDEX (Medical and Disability Experts) Online, the Daubert Tracker tracks federal and state "Daubert" cases - allowing users to more accurately check the 'gatekeeping history' of experts before retention or deposition. The original U.S. Supreme Court Daubert decision set precedent with respect to scientific evidence and the admissibility of expert scientific testimony. Daubert Tracker maintains a database of reported Daubert, as well as Kumho Tire and Joiner, decisions. In addition to the reported decisions, subscribers may display the court docket online and order filings, as well as briefs and transcripts. A new brief bank (added during February 2006) contains more than "10,000 briefs and other supporting documents from both appellate and trial courts. You may search it for free. Subscribers receive a discount for the documents they download.

ISI Highly Cited Researchers

Thomson ISI offers this free database of bibliographic references to frequently cited authors. Search by author or institution name to find a profile, which might include contact and personal information, education, honors/awards, affiliations, memberships, research interests, research grants, and citations to published works. This is a good starting point when searching for experts, particularly in the sciences. Experts & Services

LexisNexis provides a free expert witness finding tool. The directory contains information about more than 50,000 experts, consultants and other service professionals. Search by keyword or browse by category.

ALM Experts

American Lawyer Media offers this searchable directory of expert witnesses. Search by name, keyword, location, or other criteria to find expert witness profiles and contact information. Profiles often include a photo, full resume, e-mail contact (address hidden), education, licensing and primary expertise. You may also browse the database by expertise.

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