Finding Email Addresses

Use the chart below to find email addresses. You might also find an email address by searching the Web, searching the Usenet archive or by browsing a Web site affiliated with the individual.

Email Directories

Domain Only

Listing by Co. Name



411Locate   Yes! Yes!     Yes!


Bigfoot     Yes!


Freeality     Yes!

Formerly called Internet Oracle, this service collocates multiple email directories.

ICQ White Pages   Yes! Yes!

ICQ enables chat, instant messaging, email, and URL and file transfer.

Infospace     Yes!

Auto-form to send email; does not provide email address.

Internet Address Finder     Yes!



Searches six email directories simultaneously.


Available only for those with public telephone numbers.     Yes!

Search nick names or find "robert" when you enter "bob." Look up international calling codes. Match an area or zip code to a city and vice versa. Conduct a Web meta search.



Yahoo! People Search Yes! Yes! Yes!

Automatic phone search.