Employment Law

Abusive Tax Transactions

This Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Web site is devoted to the identification, analysis and examination of abusive tax shelter schemes and promotions. Find press releases as well as information about "listed transactions." Listed transactions are transactions that are "the same as or substantially similar to one that the IRS has determined to be a tax avoidance transaction and identified by IRS notice or other form of published guidance." The information about listed transactions includes summaries and full-text of relevant revenue rulings.

ADA Advocacy Network Legal Materials Bank

The American Diabetes Association makes available a collection of materials on discrimination issues prepared especially for lawyers and other legal professionals. They consist of training materials and background information as well as publications on litigation and legislative issues. Find articles, briefs and other documents on discrimination issues pertaining to those with diabetes.

ADA Business Connection

The U.S. Department of Justice offers information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for businesses. Find relevant federal regulations, publications, questions & answers, and more.


This law firm Web site offers commentary, case summaries, a glossary, and more on the topic of age discrimination in employment. Case summaries cover the U.S. Supreme Court and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The glossary includes employment law terms.

Benefit Essentials

Benefit Essentials, provider of forms, checklists and other information for business managers and their advisors, offers this part free, part fee-based site on employee benefits, labor and employment and personal finance issues. Find a summary of federal laws, various forms for employees and employers, a dictionary of acronyms, several FAQs and more. Visitors may sign up for a 15-day free trial of premium content.

BLS Data on Women Workers

This Web page at the Web site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles links to government resources that contain labor-related statistics on female workers. Find information from Current Population Survey, Women in the Labor Force: A Databook, and more.

British Employment Law

This site offers both free and fee-based information. For free, visitors may locate solicitors and obtain basic information about British employment laws. These include commentary with references to applicable law. The fee-based section provides more detail, including extensive commentary, additional references, and references to case law. The site also tracks new developments and provides an extensive set of links to helpful resources.

CCH News & Information Library on Employment Law

Find about two months worth of current news stories pertaining to employment law. The news summaries appear to come from supplements to the CCH Employment Practices Guide and the CCH Labor Relations Guide. Related sites (available from menu buttons at the top of the page) cover human resources management, payroll, pension & benefits, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation & safety.

CIRRIE Database

The Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange at the University of Buffalo offers a database containing citations to published literature on international rehabilitation research. Search by a variety of criteria to find articles, conference proceedings, and more. Because of its international focus, the database provides citations to documents in multiple languages. When relevant, records include links to abstracts appearing in MEDLINE/PubMed, or to full-text documents available at other Web sites.

Consumer Credit Protection Act (Cornell LII)

Read this federal law on the garnishment of wages as codified.

Consumer Guide to Handling Disputes with Your Employer or Private Health Plan, A

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation publishes this consumer guide to understanding employer or a private health plan's internal grievance procedure, as well as state external review programs. Sections include understanding coverage, appealing to a health plan, getting an independent opinion, how consumers fare under external review programs, and state-by-state external review programs. You may read sections of the report online or download (PDF) it in its entirety. Archived copies of the report are also available in PDF.

CROETweb: Workplace Safety and Health Resources

The Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Oregon Health & Science University offers this portal to substantive information about occupational health and safety. Drill down by subject, or search the site, to find educational materials, articles, fact sheets, Q & A's, and more. Subjects include certain occupations and industries, chemicals, specific safety issues, and more.

Cyber Picket Line

Cardiff University hosts this site, which is known for its worldwide directory of trade unions. Use the interactive map or text links to find unions in specific geographic regions. Entries in the directory link to the organization's Web site. Another part of the Web site stores an extensive collection of links to resources on labor and trade issues.

Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor determines prevailing wage rates to be paid on federally funded or assisted construction projects. The database contains determinations issued since 2 March 2001.


The United Kingdom Department for Work and Pensions offers this Web site, which provides policy information concerning the rights of the disabled as well as information about U.K. disability legislation. It outlines legal rights (with links to appropriate laws), provides the text of legislation and offers policy-related background information. It's a good place to start when researching U.K. law on disability issues.

DOE Office of Worker Advocacy Web Site

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Worker Advocacy provides news and information about the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. Find statistics, press releases, procedural manuals, links to state workers' compensation agencies, a database of facilities covered by the program and more.

EEO News

Find briefly annotated news headlines pertaining to employment law issues. Topics covered include disabilities, age discrimination, equal pay, family leave, race discrimination, retaliation, religious accommodation and sexual harassment. The site offers a search feature, which appears at the top of the left-hand navigational menu.

EIRO Online

The European Industrial Relations Observatory Online offers news items, commentary, studies, and other documents pertaining to industrial relations in the member states of the European Union. Helpful features at the site include the ability to browse documents by country, level (EU or transnational), or industrial sector. Also find an extensive collection of related external links.

e-Judication (U.S. DOL)

The U.S. Department of Labor maintains this gateway to Administrative Review Board decisions, Benefits Review Board decisions, Employees' Compensation Appeals Board decisions and Office of Administrative Law Judges decisions.


The U.S. Department of Labor offers this interactive tool for finding information about federal employment laws. Browse the site by keyword or by category (e.g., employee, employer). Each keyword links to an "advisor" that provides information about specific federal laws. The keyword, parental leave, for instance, links to the advisor on the Family and Medical Leave Act. The advisor provides an overview of the law, questions and answers, and then links to the text of relevant statutes and regulations.

Electronic Library of Construction Safety and Health (eLCOSH)

The Center to Protect Worker's Rights provides this Web site about construction safety and health. Find information by type of hazard, trade or type of job site, or conduct a search of the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) Web site, which covers content from eLCOSH. Documents covered include brochures, how-to manuals, newsletters, research reports, training manuals and more. In addition to materials provided by eLCOSH, the site refers visitors to quality external resources.


This database is the online version of the European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries, which define industrial relations concepts within the member states of the European Union. The glossaries cover Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Search by keyword. You may limit results by country.

Another resource at the site, the European industrial relations dictionary, is a collection of the most commonly used terms in employment and industrial relations at EU level.

Employee Benefits Legal Resource Site

Calhoun Law Group, P.C. offers a site devoted to helping people find news and legal resources on employee benefits issues. The blog-like structure of the site, displays news and commentary on the home page. For legal documents and information sources, select the research menu on the left. You will also find articles, book summaries, charts and speech outlines. There are also discussion forums on several topics, including 401(k) plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs, health plans, cafeteria plans, and more.

Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA)

An agency within the U.S. Department of Labor, the EBSA offers a wealth of information at its Web site. Find news, information about compliance, proposed and final rules, interpretative documents, forms, laws and more. Those seeking a particular document or specific information should examine the navigational menu on the right (blue background) first. Menu choices across the top apply to all Labor Department Web sites.

Employee Polygraph Protection Act (Cornell LII)

Read this federal law as codified.

Employment Background Checks: A Jobseeker's Guide

Consumer advocacy group, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, explains background checking for employment purposes. Consisting of 10 parts, the guide informs about what employers can and cannot do with respect to background checking. While the guide speaks generally about federal law, it also highlights important differences in California state law.

Employment Law Guide

Subtitled Laws, Regulations and Technical Assistance Services, this Department of Labor handbook covers wages and hours, safety and health standards, health benefits, work authorization, federal contracts and more. Sections link to relevant federal statutes and regulations, and provide an overview of basic provisions and requirements. It is available in HTML or PDF and in English or Spanish.

Employment Law Information Network, The

Designed for employment lawyers, in-house employment counsel and human resource professionals, ELIN organizes employment law related content on the Internet. It refers visitors to employment laws, human resources (links to sample personnel policies, sample personnel forms, and sample employment contracts), employment law articles, and more. The site also offers an index of relevant case law.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Brief Bank Index

Through The Memory Hole, Michael Ravnitzky makes available an index to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) legal briefs, which he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. "The brief bank index ... provides an overview of the complex issues arising when employees and companies become involved in possible discriminatory behavior, and the damages caused by employment discrimination. It also outlines areas that may not be protected under federal employment law. The index contains a list of subject areas as well as the designation numbers of legal documents and briefs covering that subject. Overall, the document demonstrates the wide scope of valuable work being done at the Commission." The index is available in Word, WordPerfect and Rich Text formats.

Family and Medical Leave Act (Cornell LII)

Read this federal law as codified. For more information, see the Family and Medical Leave Act by the U.S. Department of Labor.


freeERISA.com offers several databases useful for those conducting research about group retirement or welfare benefit plans. Some databases require a paid subscription, but many are free. The free databases offer financial reports (form 5500) of the qualified retirement plans of U.S. employers, company applications to terminate retirement plans (form 5310), information about companies with executive deferred compensation plans, information about non-profit organizations, SEC filings on employee benefits and compensation, collective bargaining agreements, and more. Two other free databases help you find employer identification numbers (EINs). Access requires free registration.

How to Find International and National Labour Law

The International Labour Organization (ILO) offers this guide to finding sources of legal information at the ILO library. The guide comprises 2 summaries of resources available - one on international law and the other on national law. Each presents relevant titles with descriptions that include information about where to find the titles. Each guide also links to relevant databases (look for these on the right-hand side of the page).

Intellectual Disabilities in the Workplace

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides this fact sheet on issues concerning workers and prospective employees with intellectual disabilities. Intellectual disabilities cover a range of impairments. The fact sheet defines what the Americans with Disabilities Act covers, what questions an employer can ask, treatment of medical information, accommodations, safety issues, conduct, harassment and enforcement.

Justia Employment Law Overview

Provides overview on employment law, including links to laws, regulations, cases, dockets, blogs and news on the topic.

Labor Contracts Database

The Institute of Industrial Relations at the University of California, Berkeley, offers this Web site containing the full-text of select labor union contracts. Review available contracts by state, union, or represented occupation. All contracts appear in PDF.

Labor Research Portal

The Institute of Industrial Relations at the University of California maintains this collection of labor related resources. It includes an annotated directory of resources providing statistical and other economic information on the San Francisco Bay Area, a small annotated collection of resources for information about California state labor issues, links to government labor related resources and agencies, links to labor unions in the United States and abroad, an annotated collection of labor news sources, and more. It also offers research guides on select labor issues that contain a bibliography of book and Web resources. The research guides cover alternative forms of business ownership, corporate research, employee rights, globalization, general labor, labor culture, temporary workers and union organizing.


This database contains the International Labor Office's (ILO) library catalog as well as references to journal articles, documents and hard-to-find material from countries around the world. You can search by keyword, subject term, title or author. Special features enable limiting by online availability, language or publication type. The site also keeps a history of your queries.

LaborProf Blog

Rafael Gely, Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, maintains this site, which provides information of interest to law school tax professors in their scholarship and teaching. It offers several resources including, a directory of labor law professors, a list of law school labor and employment law certificate programs and graduate degree programs in labor relations and human resource management, a list of casebooks and other materials for labor law courses, links to sources of federal, state, and foreign labor and employment laws, and more. It also provides an RSS and Atom feed.

In Gely's own words, the site "is not a collection of ruminations about the latest labor and employment policy issue in the news or the latest labor case caselaw in the area." Nonetheless, I found ample commentary on labor relations and human resources issues.

Law about Employment Discrimination (Cornell LII)

Cornell's Legal Information Institute offers an overview of employment discrimination law, including key points of information for researchers, major federal laws, and major resources.

Law about Labor (Cornell LII)

Cornell's Legal Information Institute offers an overview of labor law, including key points of information for researchers, major federal laws, and major resources.

Licensed Occupations

America's Career InfoNet (ACINet) provides information about federal and state occupational licensing requirements. Search by state, occupation or agency to find information about licenses and licensing boards.


International law firm Osborne Clarke Alliance offers information "for brand-owners and marketing professionals, including in-depth analysis of the latest marketing and brand law issues, national and international case reports, previews of up-and-coming legislation affecting marketing, plus legal checklists and template agreements." Parts of the site require registration, but access to many of the articles does not. Many of the article pertain to European Union law, but some cover other jurisdictions worldwide.

Minimum Wage Laws in the States

The Wage and Hour Division of the Employment Standards Administration (DOL) publishes a state-by-state breakdown of minimum wage laws. An interactive map shows states with a minimum wage higher or lower than that of the federal government, states with no minimum wage law and states with a minimum wage that equals that of the federal government. The information provided includes the basic minimum rate per hour as well as the premium pay after designated hours.

Minimum Wage, Fair Labor Standards Act (Cornell LII)

Read minimum wage section of the Fair Labor Standards Act as codified. For more information, see The Minimum Wage by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Monthly Labor Review

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an online version of the print journal, Monthly Labor Review. According to site documentation, the two versions are the same. The journal offers articles on the labor force, the economy, employment, inflation, productivity, occupational injuries and illnesses, wages, prices, and more. The online version also provides abstracts and an index covering 1989 to present.

National Resource Center Library

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Resource Center on AD/HD provides search access to its collection of resources on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The collection includes books and articles and covers topics like symptoms and diagnosis, parenting, adults with AD/HD, problems in school, behavior, medication, teaching children with AD/HD and treatment. Some of the collection is available online in full text.

National Whistleblower Center

A nonprofit advocacy group, the National Whistleblower Center helps whistleblowers expose wrongdoing. The Web site spotlights events involving whistleblowers and provides information about whistleblower protections. It also promotes a model law to replace the many federal laws already in place.


Maintained by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this database contains references to national laws on labour, social security, and related human rights. Some laws are available in full text. In addition to searching or browsing laws by subject or country, visitors may also review subject profiles on a handful of topics (freedom of association, equality, child labor, occupational safety and health, migrant workers, and seafarers). The site also offers a legislative bulletin that summarizes current entries in the database.

New Freedom Initiative

The Department of Labor recently launched this program to promote the employment of Americans with disabilities. The Web site offers frequently asked questions (FAQs) for workers and employers, fact sheets and more. Some documents available include information about compliance checklists for hiring those who are disabled, ADA (Americans with Disabilities) workplace requirements, tax-related issues, and how to serve the disabled community in sales and service environments.

O*NET Online

O*NET -- the Occupational Information Network -- is a database of worker attributes and job characteristics, that replaces the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Browse certain occupations or run a search of occupations against a specific set of skills. The database also lets searchers enter an occupation to find related occupations.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes this handbook containing information about what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations. Search or browse it online.

Office of Administrative Law Judges, U.S. Department of Labor

Find ALJ decisions by using the search options (case number, party name, date) available on the home page. To find Benefits Review Board or Administrative Review Board decisions, see this Web site. Other information available at the OALJ site includes the text of the Administrative Procedure Act and related documents, legal information pertaining to black lung disease, Labor Board of Contract Appeals Decisions and related documents, Rules of Practice and Procedure, and more.

OLMS Internet Public Disclosure Room

The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) offers this database of union annual financial reports. It contains PDF images of reports filed during 2000 and later. The site also offers an online order form for requesting copies of earlier (or current) reports.

The layout of the site is a bit confusing. Find the search criteria at the bottom of the page that loads after following this link: "View/Print Reports Online for the Year 2000 and After." Those wanting older reports should also follow this link. To order an older report, you must have the union's file number. Find it by performing a search using criteria you know. Following the "order" link will produce an error until you have the file number.

Once you locate the union, follow the date link to display the annual report. Annual reports may provide such information as the name of the union representative, mailing address, telephone, number of members, date of last annual election, dues, assets, liabilities, cash receipts, loans, officers and their compensation, charitable contributions and gifts, office expenses, and more.


Occupational health consulting firm, WorkCare, offers this gateway to safety and health information resources. Find articles about occupational health and safety issues, a free newsletter, job ads, a bulletin board, and numerous annotated resources with detailed indexing.

OSHA Accident Investigation Search

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers a database of accident investigation summaries. Search by company name, or other criteria (e.g., all fatalities in the Philadelphia region), to find information about OSHA inspections from July 1972 to present. Data includes all data from the Establishment Search database plus details about the accident including the date of the accident, date the file opened, description of the accident, as well as the age, sex and degree of injury sustained by the employee.

OSHA Establishment Search

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers a database of enforcement inspection information. Search by company name to find information about OSHA inspections from July 1972 to present. Data includes company name, address, and SIC, union status, date file opened, date file closed, inspection type, issue, violation summary, violation details, and penalty.

Respiratory Protection

Find a collection of basic and legal information on respiratory protection issues compiled by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. The guide covers standards (with links to corresponding legal documents), recognizing workplace hazards, possible solutions to workplace hazards, and more.

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Cornell LII)

Read this federal law as codified.

Standard Occupational Classification

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes this classification system. Federal statistical agencies use it to classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, or disseminating data. Browse the publication or search it by keyword.

TIGER (Tailored Interactive Guidance on Employment Rights)

The U.K. Department of Trade and Industry provides this interactive guide to employment law in the United Kingdom. Covering adoption rights, employment relations, flexible working rights, maternity rights, national minimum wage and paternity rights, the site provides information for both employers and employees.

Trust EIN Finder

freeERISA.com offers this database for determining the employer identification number (EIN) of employer trusts. Search by company name or business EIN to find various forms outlining the company's plan. NOTE: Look for the trust EIN on Schedule P. It is not always the same as the business EIN.

U.S. Office of Special Counsel

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency, whose "mission is to safeguard the merit system by protecting federal employees and applicants from prohibited personnel practices, especially reprisal for whistleblowing." The Web site outlines prohibited personnel practices, whistleblower disclosures and restrictions on political activity by federal government employees. It also provides publications on these and other issues, annual reports, testimony and other documents.

Union Reports: Online Public Disclosure Room

The Employment Standards Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor makes available union annual financial reports as well as reports filed by unions, union officers and employees, employers, and labor relations consultants from 2000 to present. Older reports are available upon request.

The database provides a variety of search criteria, including union name, location, assets, liabilities, and other information. Partial name searching is supported.

You may download search results to a CSV spreadsheet. Actual reports may be displayed online or printed.

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) on Cornell LII

This is the federal plant closing law.


A portal for information about state workers compensation laws, this site offers the text of relevant state laws and regulations, state forms, news and legislative updates. You can browse the laws and regulations, download forms and display news articles for free. Searching current or archived state laws and regulations, or obtaining legislative updates requires a paid subscription.

Workplace Fairness

Affiliated with the National Employment Lawyers Association, Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization that provides information, education and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights. The Web site explains workers' rights, defining, for example, the employment-at-will doctrine. It also offers sage advice on a variety of workplace issues such as termination, discrimination and harassment. Researchers will also find a Weblog (Today's Workplace) written by Paula Brantner, Program Director of Workplace Fairness, news headlines with abstracts, current federal case law summaries, federal and state legislative summaries, and more. Researchers will find an incredible amount of information here. However, some parts of the site are still in development.

Workplace Resource Center

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention provides this Web site devoted to drug prevention in the workplace. Find the full-text of government publications like the Medical Review Officer Manual, news headlines, commentary, laws, and more.

workplacelaw Network

British publisher Asset Information Ltd. offers news, commentary, case law summaries, and more on various U.K. workplace issues, including health and safety, disability and building management, property and premises law, and more. This fee-based site offers a 14-day free trial.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) offers a database containing 1998 and 1999 statistics regarding non-fatal work-related accidents and illnesses. Discover, for example, that people under the age of 20 make up the group with the highest rate of injuries (1998). And that most body part injuries involve the finger (1999). NIOSH also provides access to various articles and other publications that cite such statistics (follow the "more" link).