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Illinois Judici
Case information aggregator Judici offers free and commercial search services for Illinois courts. For free, searchers can access and search one court at a time (see Participating Courts) to find criminal and civil case files.

Illinois Local Court Rules for US District Court, Central District of Iillinois

Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct

Diagram of the Illinois Court System - Illinois State Resources Court Forms, Rules and Dockets offers search access to source information for federal and state court rules, forms and dockets.

State Public Records

Illinois (VINELink)
Intended to provide information about an offender's custody status, VINELink enables searching the records of specific Illinois entities.

Illinois Inmate Search
Search by name, identification number, or birth date to find inmates in Illinois prisons.

Illinois State Police Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry
Mandated by state statute, Illinois makes available a registry of offenders of violent - but not sex-related - crimes against youth.