International Legal Resources

Access Canada

Law: Access Canada is a portal compiled and maintained by the Library and Resources Group of the British Association for Canadian Studies. The legal section refers researchers to a number of useful sources of legal and government information, including courts, regulatory and statutory sources. The association annotates each source listed.

Access to Law

The Inner Temple Library offers a collection of resource annotations for Web-based legal sources covering the United Kingdom and several other countries. The subject arrangement is simple and easy to use. The site also offers a search feature powered by Google.

Asian Law Centre Bibliographic Database

The Asian Law Centre of the University of Melbourne offers this bibliographic database of English language publications on Asian laws. It covers books, book chapters, journal articles and theses. Search by keyword, title, author, publication year, subject or country to find bibliographic references to published works and theses.

Australasian Legal Information Institute

Also known as AustLII, this Web site publishes Australian primary and secondary legal documents.

Basic Law of Macau

Find an English translation of the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People' s Republic of China. It includes Annex I on the selection of the Chief Executive and Annex II on the formation of the Legislative Council. The version was adopted on 31 March 1993 and put into effect on 20 December 1999. It is hosted on the Web site of the University of Macau.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

The site provides free British and Irish legal materials and tests software for the Australasian Legal Information Institute. 

British Employment Law

This site offers both free and fee-based information. For free, visitors may locate solicitors and obtain basic information about British employment laws. These include commentary with references to applicable law. The fee-based section provides more detail, including extensive commentary, additional references, and references to case law. The site also tracks new developments and provides an extensive set of links to helpful resources.

Canadian Government Information on the Internet

The Depository Services Program of Canada offers this annotated research guide to high quality resources offering information pertaining to Canadian government. Find laws and legislation as well as recommendations for resources in many other topics. The site covers federal as well as provincial and municipal information sources.

Canadian Legal Information Institute

CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet.

Canadian LEGISInfo

Available in both French and English, the Canadian Library of Parliament's LEGISInfo provides information about pending legislation.

Constitution Finder

The University of Richmond hosts this directory maintained by students of the University of Richmond School of Law. You may select the country of interest from a pull-down menu or display an alphabetical listing. Results show the constitution/s available, the source, when it was last updated, and the language of the document. Links take you to the document at the source.


Subtitled "The Law of the Internet in South Africa," this Web site pulls together primary documents and commentary about Internet-related legal issues.


The United Kingdom Department for Work and Pensions offers this Web site, which provides policy information concerning the rights of the disabled as well as information about U.K. disability legislation. It outlines legal rights (with links to appropriate laws), provides the text of legislation and offers policy-related background information. It's a good place to start when researching U.K. law on disability issues.

EIRO Online

The European Industrial Relations Observatory Online offers news items, commentary, studies, and other documents pertaining to industrial relations in the member states of the European Union. Helpful features at the site include the ability to browse documents by country, level (EU or transnational), or industrial sector. Also find an extensive collection of related external links.


This database is the online version of the European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries, which define industrial relations concepts within the member states of the European Union.

Another resource at the site, the European industrial relations dictionary, is a collection of the most commonly used terms in employment and industrial relations at EU level.

EUR-Lex: European Union Law

Find current European Union legal documents in many different languages via this site. The database covers texts published in the Official Journal of the European Union L (Legislation) and C (Information and notices), including legislation, international agreements, preparatory acts and parliamentary questions. You will also find the judgments of the European Court of Justice and of the Court of First Instance, as well as the opinions of the Advocates-General, as published in the European Court Reports and as provisional texts disseminated earlier by the Court of Justice. Also available are the Commission documents (the COM series and a selection of the SEC series), the collection of consolidated legislative texts and the texts of the Treaties of the European Communities and later the European Union.

Europa Consumer Law Acquis Database

Find information on eight consumer law directives - the Doorstep Selling Directive 85/577, the Package Travel Directive 90/314, the Unfair Contract Terms Directive 93/13, the Timeshare Directive 94/47, the Distance Selling Directive 97/7, the Price Indication Directive 98/6, the Injunctions Directive 98/27, and the Consumer Sales Directive 99/44. In addition to reviewing the directives, you can discover their transposition into the law of member states, relevant case law, and citations to relevant research materials.

Database access is available in English, German and French.

European Environmental Law Cases Database

European Environmental Law offers a database containing "the full text of the most relevant decisions, including those delivered by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Court of First Instance (CFI), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), and some national courts." You can search the database by keyword, case number, parties, decision date, or environmental sector. The cases I retrieved appeared in full-text in English and with a note indicating the original language of the case.

Several U.S. agencies partner to provide information about exports and trade practices. Find a guide to the basics of exporting, trade leads, information about trade shows, a market research database and more. The market research database provides search access to several types of reports, including the Country Commercial Guides. The type of information covered includes country and industry reports, agricultural market research, country information, trade agreements and reports on specific regions like Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

FLAG Foreign Law Guide Project

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London hosts this gateway to the holdings of foreign, international and comparative law in UK universities and national libraries. Search by title, subject, country, or other criteria, to find bibliographic information about books and other sources, as well libraries that hold the material.

Foreign Law Research

A joint effort involving several major law libraries, the FLARE project works to improve access to legal materials and how people use them. It offers extensive research guides to the law in several countries, training courses and a list of library holdings for European legal gazettes.

Foreign Law Translations

The Institute for Transnational Law at the University of Texas at Austin provides English translations of select primary law materials in French, German, Italian, Austrian and Israeli. 


The Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law maintains a number of research guides on foreign and international law issues. Written by librarians specializing in foreign or international law, the guides help researchers find legal information relevant to a particular country.

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases

New York University School of Law maintains this excellent collection of international and foreign law databases. Look for databases by topic, jurisdiction, or type. Also, don't miss her article and checklists for evaluating the content for foreign law databases.

Guide to Legal Research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, A

A guide on finding Bosnia and Herzegovina legal resources. It covers the government structure, legal authority, the courts, legal education and legal publishers.


The Parliament of Australia offers free full-text access to the Hansard reports of the proceedings in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and to the Hansard transcripts of public and some private hearings of parliamentary committees. Coverage of the proceedings extends back to 1981 while transcript coverage varies depending on the committee.

Her Majesty's Stationery Office

Her Majesty's Stationery Office published United Kingdom parliamentary legislation, statutory instruments, draft statutory instruments and measures of the General Synod of the Church of England. Researchers will also find Northern Ireland acts, statutory rules, orders in council, acts of Scottish Parliament, Scottish statutory instruments, Wales statutory instruments, and more.

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute

A project of the University of Hong Kong, this site provides free access to primary and secondary legal materials pertaining to Hong Kong law. Find court and tribunal judgments, legislation, decisions by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Panel, and publications of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission. You may browse the databases, or search them by keyword in English or Chinese.

This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) company formation Web site. By posing questions, it takes you through the process of registering your company in Australia. It also provides several guides, such as the Small Business Guide, which summarizes the Corporations Act 2001 rules that apply to the most common type of formation used by small businesses.

Inside Web

The British Library offers this database containing bibliographic information for articles from more than 20,000 journals and 16,000 conference proceedings housed in the Library. This resource is for serious researchers willing to pay the annual subscription fee.

International Justice

The Global Policy Forum, a public policy organization that monitors global policy making at the United Nations, provides commentary about issues pertaining to international justice. These include activities surrounding the International Criminal Court (comes into existence July 2002), The International Court of Justice, war crime tribunals, and the Alien Tort Claims Act.

IP Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia offers information about patents, trade marks, designs ("the shape or appearance of manufactured goods"), copyright, circuit layout rights ("the 3-dimensional configuration of electronic circuits in integrated circuit products or layout designs"), plant breeder's rights, trade secrets, and business, company and domain names. The site also provides search access to Australian patents, trade marks and designs.

Jurist: World Law

Legal information portal, Jurist, provides information about the practice of law, government, court structure and constitution of more than 15 countries. 

Justia Argentina

From, this legal portal provides access to Argentine laws and legal resources.

Justia Bolivia

From, this legal portal provides access to Bolivian laws and legal resources.

Justia Chile

From, this legal portal provides access to Chilean laws and legal resources.

Justia Columbia

From, this legal portal provides access to Columbia laws and legal resources.

Justia Costa Rica

From, this legal portal provides access to Costa Rican laws and legal resources.

Justia Dominican Republic

From, this legal portal provides access to Dominican Republic laws and legal resources.

Justia El Salvador

From, this legal portal provides access to El Salvadoran laws and legal resources.

Justia Guatemala

From, this legal portal provides access to Guatemalan laws and legal resources.

Justia Honduras

From, this legal portal provides access to Honduran laws and legal resources.

Justia Mexico

From, this legal portal provides access to Mexican laws and legal resources.

Justia Nicaragua

From, this legal portal provides access to Nicaraguan laws and legal resources.

Justia Panama

From, this legal portal provides access to Panamanian laws and legal resources.

Justia Paraguay

From, this legal portal provides access to Paraguay's laws and legal resources.

Justia Uruguay

From, this legal portal provides access to Uruguay's laws and legal resources.

Justia Venezuela

From, this legal portal provides access to Venezuelean laws and legal resources.

Karel's Legal Blog

Karel Frielink, a corporate law attorney with Spigthoff Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisers, comments on legal issues relating to Aruba & the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao, St. Maarten, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba). Current commentary pertains to the European Union directive on cross-border mergers of companies, cross-border conversion of a Netherlands Antilles company into a foreign corporation, voluntary dissolution of an Aruba limited liability company, and tax issues concerning undistributed profits of a Netherlands Antilles company. Frielink writes that he also "compare[s] parts of the U.S. legal system with our system in order to show the differences and help to understand how things work 'the Caribbean way.'"

Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a portal for Chinese legal resources, makes available in English information about the laws of Vietnam. Find English translations of decrees, regulations and directives, where available. Although the site provides citation information for laws on many topics, few contain full-text translations. Those that do cover agriculture and forestry, arbitration and inspections, banking and finance and family law., a webzine on law and technology issues, publishes numerous articles on foreign law resources. This free Web-based newsletter offers articles about research issues, legal technology, law firm management, and Internet-related legislation. Researchers will also find annotated links to sites of interest, summaries of information industry articles appearing in other publications, an intranet knowledge center, and a bookstore.


Mondaq Ltd. publishes brief legal articles by law and accounting firms around the world. Browse or search this site to find commentary on legal, regulatory or financial issues in about 70 countries. Topics include accounting, banking, intellectual property, litigation, offshore banking, commercial law and more. You must register with the site to access, but much of the content is free.


The Environment Agency, the agency responsible for environmental policy and regulations in England and Wales, provides this resource for businesses. It explains environmental legislation and guidelines and how companies can comply with it. You can click through industry sectors to find an explanation of the applicable law, review management guidelines for information about different business aspects (e.g., air emissions, packaging), or examine legislation by jurisdiction. Available jurisdictions include England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

New Zealand Legal Information Institute

A joint project of the University of Otago Faculty of Law, the Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law and the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), this Web site provides free access to New Zealand legal information. Find case law, legislation, law review and journal articles, treaties, government reports and more. You can search one or multiple databases by keyword.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD is an international, inter-governmental organization that brings together governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy. OECD collects data and monitors trends, analyses and forecasts economic developments and researches social changes or evolving patterns in trade, environment, agriculture, technology, taxation and more. 

Ontario e-Laws

The government of Ontario, Canada makes available e-Laws, a database of statutes and regulations, both consolidated and source law. You may search or browse the laws. The database supports advanced proximity connectors and wildcard searching, so be sure to review the help documentation (called Designing a Search).

When you review search results, or browse the laws, you may go back and forth between hits or adjacent documents. Search terms are highlighted. Citations to the latest amendment, as well as information about the last database upload, appear at the beginning of each law. You may also download laws in Word format.

Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute

A project of the University of the South Pacific School of Law, this site provides free access to primary and secondary legal materials pertaining to the law of the South Pacific. Find case law, legislation, constitutions, procedural rules, articles on the structure of government, articles from the Journal of South Pacific Law, and select South Pacific treaties. You may browse the databases, or search them by keyword.

The British House of Commons offers this site for watching video tapes of current parliamentary discussions and for searching an archive of previous tapes. Search by keyword to find videos matching your terms. Search results include a few words surrounding your key terms and the video, which begins near your matching terms.

Portals to the World

The Library of Congress offers this portal to information about foreign countries. For each country, it provides a mini-research guide with links to Web sites offering information about the country's government, economy, trade, health, history, media and more. Use it to find foreign constitutions, government officials, embassies and more.

Technology attorney Michael Geist maintains this Web site on Canadian privacy law. It provides summaries of the Canadian Privacy Commissioner's decisions under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as well as search features unavailable through the Commissioner's official Web site. You will also find privacy law related news, links to federal and provincial privacy legislation and related documents, and more. The site offers an email alert service as well as an RSS news feed. The news feed contains the full text of all postings.

Researching South African Law

Law librarians Amanda Barratt and Pamela Snyman outline South African legal structure as well as online and print sources of legal information. They include several noteworthy free legal information Web sites. In addition to sources for general law, they provide references for topical law issues. This useful bibliography and pathfinder is hosted by the Hauser Global Law School Program at New York University School of Law.

Singapore Statutes Online

The Attorney-General's Chambers offers access to the full text of all current Acts of Singapore. According to information at the site, the database will be updated monthly. Searchers may browse by title or subject index, or conduct keyword queries. For newer laws, see Current Notices at the eGazette.

Southern African Legal Information Institute

A joint project of the University of Witswatersrand Law School and the Australasian Legal Information Institute, the Web site provides access to some primary and secondary legal material. Researchers should take note that the site is still in development and may be incomplete. You will find some South African court decisions and legislation, as well as journal articles, reports and discussion papers.

Swedish Law on the Internet

Law librarian Ingrid Kabir authors this guide on finding sources of Swedish law. It covers the Swedish legal system, constitution, legislative and case law sources, legal gateways and portals, and more.

The [Singapore] eGazette

While not an official source under S48 of the [Singapore] Interpretation Act (Cap 1), the site offers an electronic edition of the Government Gazette. The Government Gazette publishes government notices and legal advertisements. Visitors may display editions for the past five days for free. Access to the archive requires a paid subscription.

Venice Commission

The Venice Commission, also known as the European Commission for Democracy through Law, provides information in English and French about the Commission and its publications. Researchers will find CODICES, a Commission publication that provides summaries of constitutional case law around the world. Its print counterpart is the Bulletin on Constitutional Case-Law. Also available in CD-ROM, the Web site provides database access. Searchers unfamiliar with Folio databases may find it difficult to use. Other primary documents, including opinions by the Commission, are also available at the site.

What the EU Constitution Says

The BBC offers a special report on the constitution of the European Union, which was agreed on in Brussels on 18 June 2004. It provides the full-text of the constitution in PDF as well as brief commentary about its provisions. The commentary covers the powers of the EU, division of responsibilities, decision making, qualified majority voting, the president and foreign minister, foreign and defense policy, reform, the European Parliament, fundamental rights, legal supremacy and leaving the EU.

workplacelaw Network

18 June 2002. British publisher Asset Information Ltd. offers news, commentary, case law summaries, and more on various U.K. workplace issues, including health and safety, disability and building management, property and premises law, and more. This fee-based site offers a 14-day free trial.

World Legal Information Institute (LII)

A global legal research facility comprised of several organizations, World LII offers numerous databases containing legal documents and information from several countries. The site consists of three parts: Databases, Catalogs and Websearch.

Charter-Based Bodies Database

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) offers this database of documents issued by the General Assembly, the Commission on Human Rights and the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. Browse by entity, country, mandate, subject or other criteria to find full-text documents. Documents are available in English, French or Spanish.

Coalition for the International Criminal Court

This advocacy Web site provides news and other information about the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its ratification status in countries worldwide. Find an archive of official statements concerning the International Criminal Court, existing and sample legislation implementation legislation, publications, key documents and more.

Country Briefings

The Economist offers country profiles including articles published in its journal, links to Web sites useful for conducting research about the country, and links to important articles appearing in other news sources. The profiles offer the usual data about a country including its political and economic structure, economic data, political and economic outlook, population statistics, currency (including a converter), trade, taxation, and more.

Country Studies

Be aware: This Web site contains historical material. The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress reproduces segments of its Country Studies/Area Handbook Series, published between 1986 and 1998. It includes information about the politics, economics, geography, foreign policies and demographics of about 102 countries. Originally published for the U.S. Department of the Army, the program is no longer funded. It does provide, however, historical information of potential interest.

Databases on International Humanitarian Law

The International Committee of the Red Cross makes available two databases on international humanitarian law. The Treaty Database contains about 100 treaties on International Humanitarian Law, commentaries on the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols as well as an up-to-date list of signatories. The National Implementation Database provides access to documentation and commentaries concerning the implementation of international humanitarian law at national level.

A Web site of The Economist Intelligence Unit, offers several goodies to researchers interested in the electronic business practices of companies doing business abroad. Find a "Doing ebusiness in ..." database that provides current news, market profiles, ebusiness rankings, and more. The market profiles include information about a country's business-related taxes, laws and regulations, infrastructure, ebusiness marketplace, and economy.

The "best practice" channel offers case studies concerning the ebusiness strategies of select companies or industries. The "research" channel offers market trends, business strategies, executive surveys and benchmarks, and a collection of Web-based resources.


Operated jointly by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), ECOLEX provides access to environmental law documents worldwide. Find treaties, international soft-law and other non-binding policy and technical guidance documents, national legislation, judicial decisions and law and policy literature. Search results provide abstracted bibliographic information about these documents.

Subtitled "Your site for cross-border ecommerce complaints," offers information about consumer protection laws and agencies in several countries. It also provides an online form for filing a complaint against a business operating in another country.

Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL)

A project of the American Society of International Law, EISIL serves as a portal to sources of international law. Sources are grouped into broad categories, such as general international law, human rights, criminal law, communications and transport, use of force, international air, space and water, environmental law, dispute settlement, and more. You can also search the EISIL database by keyword. Special features let you display (or disable the display of) descriptive information about a source. If you click the "more information" link, you will find a check box for saving the full bibliographic record. You can then print, download or email the list of saved records.


The law firm, Simmons & Simmons, offers a collection of documents and information on various legal topics. Find checklists on commercial contracts, e-commerce, mergers & acquisitions, and other topics; summaries of case law, commentary, and other information pertaining to alternative dispute resolution, China & Hong Kong, confidentiality & privacy, and other topics; a weekly summaries of the activities of the European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament and Courts of Justice; summaries of European Union and United Kingdom regulatory and legislative developments in the field of communications; annotated links to Web-based resources, and more.

European Environmental Law Cases Database

European Environmental Law offers a database containing "the full text of the most relevant decisions, including those delivered by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Court of First Instance (CFI), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), and some national courts." You can search the database by keyword, case number, parties, decision date, or environmental sector. The cases I retrieved appeared in full-text in English and with a note indicating the original language of the case.

European Judicial Network

 Established by the European Commission during 2001, the European Judicial Network facilitates judicial cooperation between Member States and it improves access to justice for individuals and firms in Europe. To this end, the Web site explains how the network works, including relevant legal procedures.

The European Judicial Atlas in Civil Matters provides access to information on judicial cooperation in civil matters. Within each category, there is an explanation of the law as well as the text of relevant primary documents.

Foreign Governments

The Northwestern University Library provides a collection of links to the official Web sites of national governments. Listed alphabetically by foreign government, many entries include the Web site of the national government as well as its agencies, legislative and judicial bodies.

GATT Digital Library

A joint effort between the Stanford University Libraries and the World Trade Organization, the site provides information and documents related to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). You may browse or search the collection. Initial results provide the publication number, title, publication date and language. Languages available include English, French and Spanish. Displaying or downloading a full text document requires registering with the site and logging in.

Global Legal Information Network

Hosted by the Library of Congress, GLIN comprises a database of laws, regulations and other related documents contributed by the governments of member nations. The database contains 1) the full text of documents in the official language of the country, 2) summaries in English and 3) thesauri in English and all other languages represented in the database.

globalEDGE Resource Desk

Formerly known as the International Business Resources Index, the site serves as a portal to international business information. Find summaries of the business climate, political structure, history, and statistical data for more than 190 countries as well as a directory of international business resources, a study on market potential indicators for emerging markets, and a glossary of terms and acronyms used for international business.

How to Find International and National Labour Law

The International Labour Organization (ILO) offers this guide to finding sources of legal information at the ILO library. The guide comprises 2 summaries of resources available - one on international law and the other on national law. Each presents relevant titles with descriptions that include information about where to find the titles. Each guide also links to relevant databases (look for these on the right-hand side of the page).


HUman Rights DOCumentation, by the European Convention on Human Rights, provides access to case law on international human rights issues. Available in French and English, the free database enables searching by type of document (e.g., judgment, admissibility decision, merit or execution resolution), keyword, or a variety of other criteria. The site provides extensive help documentation, as well as a simpler alternate search interface.

Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb

Register (free) to access this interactive database by the U.S. International Trade Commission. It provides import and export data based on selected criteria. Discover, for example, total value (dollars) of imports from, or exports to, a specific country. Or create lists of imports or exports by country; for instance, list the value of medical device imports by country.

International Child Abduction Database

The Hague Conference on Private International Law provides a database of leading court decisions on the civil aspects of international child abduction. Search by a variety of criteria, including legal basis (subject index), court, party, keyword or other information. The information provided includes the full-text of the decision. Registration is required, although access is free or by donation.

International Constitutional Law

This site provides the full-text of English-language translations of constitutional documents from several countries. It also offers country information, as well as a list of countries the site does not cover. An introduction to each translation outlines the development of the constitution in that country and provides information about the translation. Country information includes information about the development of constitutional law and political parties.

International Criminal Court

Established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Court has "jurisdiction to prosecute individuals responsible for the most serious crimes of international concern[, including] genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes." The Web site provides information about the structure of the court and its rules. It publishes the official records and documentation of the Assembly of States Parties. You will also find some court decisions and press releases concerning cases in certain areas; for instance, Uganda.

International Digest of Health Legislation

The World Health Organization (WHO) offers the electronic version of International Digest of Health Legislation, which supercedes the print editions published from 1948 to 1999. The Digest contains English-language summaries of select national and international health legislation. When available, the abstracts also offer links to the text of documents. Moreover, a brief review of this resource found that it covers other types of legal documents as well, including regulations and guidance documents.

International Environmental Law and Policy

Designed to supplement the multi-volume West publication by the same name, this site provides annotated resources by book chapter, links to treaties, links to major United Nations institutions, agencies, programs, and organizations, links to news stories for current information, and more.

International Justice

The Global Policy Forum, a public policy organization that monitors global policy making at the United Nations, provides commentary about issues pertaining to international justice. These include activities surrounding the International Criminal Court (comes into existence July 2002), The International Court of Justice, war crime tribunals, and the Alien Tort Claims Act.


Comprised of 186 member countries, INTERPOL "facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime." The Web site provides news about international crime incidents, Red Notices or notices about fugitives "wanted by national jurisdictions (or the International Criminal Tribunals, where appropriate)," fact sheets, guides, annual reports and other publications, select databases and other electronic products (Red Notices, Stolen Works of Art) -- not all of which is available to the general public, and more.

Juris International

The International Trade Centre, LexUM of the Center for Research in Public Law at the University of Montreal and Juripole from the University of Nancy provide this database of legal information concerning international trade. Find international conventions, model laws, model contract clauses, World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, as well as, legal documents pertaining to the Organization for the Harmonization in Africa of Business Law (OHADA). Many, although not all, of the documents are available in English, Spanish, and French.


Maintained by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this database contains references to national laws on labour, social security, and related human rights. Some laws are available in full text. In addition to searching or browsing laws by subject or country, visitors may also review subject profiles on a handful of topics (freedom of association, equality, child labor, occupational safety and health, migrant workers, and seafarers). The site also offers a legislative bulletin that summarizes current entries in the database.

Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions

Provided by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions provides the full text of the Conventions as well as commentary and an alphabetical index of key terms, their definitions and where they appear in the Conventions.

Find private practice law firms and solicitors, who "have a current Practising Certificate issued by the Law Society of England and Wales." Search by name or legal specialty. The database covers a number of countries. Listings include:

Names of all solicitors in the firm
Specialist areas of work - by 52 different categories
Membership of Law Society specialist panels
Languages spoken
Legal aid and fixed fee interview availability
Emergency contact numbers
Branch office details
Locations maps (launched by clicking on the postcodes)
Web site links

An extensive A to Z topical index explains various legal practices and occasionally offers links to other Web sites for additional information.

Tariff Database

The U.S. International Trade Commission offers this database containing product descriptions and tariff rates from the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. Search by keyword or HTS category number to find a brief description, data concerning recent U.S. imports for consumption, tariff treatment, and other information.

Tariff Information Center

The U.S. International Trade Commission provides information about the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) of the United States, which was enacted by Congress and made effective on January 1, 1989. The HTS replaces the former Tariff Schedules of the United States. Find the current Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (PDF), an archive of annotations, a list of changes to the HTS, studies or proposed modifications to the HTS, a database of current tariffs, as well as links to Customs ports of entry and Customs rulings.

Treaty Body Database

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) offers this database of documents issued by the committees established to monitor the implementation of the principal international human rights treaties. It contains all documents issued since 1992. Documents are available in English, French or Spanish. You may search by country as well as other criteria. The database also provides ratification status information.

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide

This UN research guide presents an overview of the types of documents and publications issued and explains how to find them. It suggests useful starting points and summarizes various indexes for finding UN documentation. It also covers the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council. Special attention is given to topics on human rights, international law and peace-keeping.

United Nations Treaty Collection

The United Nations offers several of its publications, including the text of over 40,000 bilateral and multilateral treaties. Searchers may pay to access all the content and features of all the available databases, or they may search a portion of the databases for free.

Verdicts on the Crime of Genocide

The International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda, in conjunction with the United Nations, offers this resource for judgments and decisions of the Tribunal. The site also offers select indictments, sentencing and verdict information, case summaries, Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the text of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, press releases, and radio news audio files. It appears the site may add hearing transcripts and arrest warrants in the future.