Legal Practice Forms, Sample Contracts & Agreements

The resources below provide access to a variety of different legal forms, sample contracts and agreements. If you are interested in looking at more detailed links for federal court forms, click here. Individual state resources and form resources are also located here.

OneCLE offers an extensive database of sample contracts and legal forms culled from SEC filings. The service is free.

Nolo Forms
Find hundreds of legal forms - users can sign up and then follow step-by-step instructions to complete the forms.  Example forms include wills, living trusts and LLCs.

American Legal Net Free Forms
Includes over 60,000 unique court, judicial and agency forms covering all jurisdictions in the United States.

Sponsored by the Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic at Berkeley Law at the University of California, BriefBank is a free, community-supported resource that collects and redistributes briefs in the area of law, technology, and public policy. Briefs are generously donated by legal scholars and partner organizations.

Docstoc Legal Forms
Find and share free legal documents, legal forms, and legal templates. Download sample contracts, real estate forms, employment forms and more.

Federal Forms Hub
The US Government's official hub for federal forms. Search by agency or by form name.

JD Supra
JD Supra lets you create an online portfolio of your court filings, sample contracts and agreements. - US Federal Forms
Find various federal agency forms.

Law Guru
For a one time fee or by subscription you may access a variety of sample contracts, other legal documents and court forms.

Legal Forms Kit
A fee-based service which offers legal and business forms.

LegalZoom is a fee-based online legal document preparation service - consumers enter information for specific services/forms which are then completed and sent to the purchaser.

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This site boasts a collection of over 5,000 legal forms -- about 2,000 of which are available for free to registered users. Coverage includes affidavits, applications, bankruptcy, business, corporation, divorce, leases, partnership, rent, statements, trademark, and trusts. Also find practical plain English articles from and a forms search feature.