United States Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation
Prepared by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, this publication offers the text of the Constitution, amendments, proposed amendments not ratified by the States, and case annotations. Researchers may perform keyword searches or download relevant portions of the text. Downloading in portable document format (.pdf) is also available.

Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) - US Constitution
Prepared and annotated by the Congressional Research Service, Cornell provides a reader-friendly version of the text of the Constitution. The site also provides a Constitutional Law overview and helpful resource links.

Creating the US Constitution
From the Library of Congress collections, learn how the US Constitution emerged and was formed.

Library of Congress - US Constitution Research Help
Read the US Constitution in its original form. Interpretation of various sections and aspects of the Constitution is provided along with a version in Spanish and access to the US Constitution in other languages.

Library of Congress - Guide to Law Online - The US Constitution
Includes texts, commentaries, historical texts, influence, judicial decisions, and legal guides.

The Federalist Papers
From The Library of Congress - these are series of 85 essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison between October, 1787 and May, 1788.

The Founder's Constitution
From the University of Chicago Press, an anthology of writings from the early seventeenth century to the 1830s by people engaged in the problem of making popular government safe, steady, and accountable.

Notes on the Debates in the Federal Convention
From the Avalon Project of Yale Law School.

Primary Documents in American History
View resources related to the US Constitution from the American Memory Project including Eliot's Debates, historical broadsides and other printed ephemera, documents from the Continental Congress and papers of various Presidents including Washington, Jefferson and Madison.

US National Archives Charters of Freedom - US Constitution
Includes history and background of the constitutional convention and the ratification process.

Constitutional Conflicts
Explores some of the issues and controversies that surround the Constitution.

Constitutional Law Blogs - Blawgsearch.com
From Justia.com - review over 50 Constitutional Law blogs, subscribe to individual blogs or use keywords, e.g., privacy, Fourth Amendment, to create customized feeds.