Business Watchdog Groups and Company Ratings

Launched as a public beta on 11 June 2008, the site promises to deliver "reviews, ratings and salary details about specific jobs for specific employers." While access to the information requires registration, it is free. The catch? To join, you must provide a review or salary information for a current or past employer. The type information you will find includes the company name, top executive, its industry, employee size, revenue, Web site address, reviews and salary reports. You may also search salaries or reviews by keyword.

Technical note: We experienced technical difficulty in attempting to register for access. We submitted a bug report.

Google Groups

Search messages posted to public newsgroups since 1981.


A project of the California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology, GreenScanner lets you look up consumer opinions about products. Search by UPC to find, or offer, an opinion about a product. The focus and intent of the resource is on the environmental friendliness of products.

Want to buy computer hardware or software from an online vendor? Do you know anything about it? This site solicits consumer opinion about online computer vendors, and then rates a company accordingly. Currently offering evaluations on more than 1300 businesses, the site provides an overall score (e.g., 6.3/7.0 for and the total number of affirmative and negative responses to its questions. It also reproduces the questions asked.

Search Official Blogs

ResearchBuzz offers a custom search feature using the Google search engine. The customized search engine enables querying the official blogs of more than 125 politicians, actors, comedians, musicians, companies, libraries and other sources.

Yahoo: Consumer Advocacy and Information: Consumer Opinion

Find Web sites devoted to public opinion. Pay particular attention to those under this heading and the subheading, Boycotts.