Phone Lookup & Reverse Telephone Directories

411 Locate Reverse Phone Lookup

411 Locate provides several reverse lookup options. You may search by residential or business phone number, residential or business street address, zip code, city/state (for a zip or area code), or area code. Results include public telephone listings complete with name and address. See also 411 Locate White Pages.

411 Locate White Pages

411 Locate offers a search tool for finding "white pages" listings. Search by name to find the name, address and public telephone listing. Special features include a printer-friendly page for printing search results, an e-mail feature for sending the results to someone else, additional phone details (line type and provider), area code map and neighbor search. (See also: 411 Locate Reverse Phone Lookup)


This service, provided by AT&T, lets you look up public telephone numbers for businesses and residences. Search by name or business category, or use the reverse lookup feature to find the name behind a public telephone number.

Results include name and address with links to external Web sites for more search options. Results with no matches include a link to Intelius' fee-based service for more options.

Argali White & Yellow

Argali White & Yellow is software that aggregates telephone, zip code, weather and other information from sources, such as AnyWho, InfoSpace, MelissaData, Verizon Superpages and Weather Underground. The free version is supported by advertising, but the advertising does not distract from your research.

You may opt for a commercial version. According to the Web site, "Argali Pro works faster, displays more search results per view, occupies a smaller screen area and doesn't use cookies."

Cell Phone Directory

Intelius makes available a cell phone directory. You may search the directory for free, but displaying the cell phone number or any other identifying information requires payment.

According to a news story that appeared on the KOMO TV Web site on 13 August 2007 (no longer available), Intelius collected cell phone numbers from public records as well as utility bills and change of address records. You may search the directory by cell phone number or name.

Free Phone Tracer

Provides reverse phone number searches for landlines and cell phones. The owner's name and address is not available for free for cell phones -
only the carrier, line type and phone issuing location is available at
no charge. Owner information for available landline numbers is free.

Users may also track the location of a cell phone number using our reverse directory.
According to the site, it does not use GPS or Wi-Fi tracking to find a cell
phone's current location - search records come from public databases and


Wireless & Reverse Phone Lookup

Intelius lets you verify phone numbers with this tool. Enter a land-line or mobile phone number to find out if Intelius has information about it. Cell phone numbers return the notation, wireless, while land-based numbers show residential apparently even when they are business numbers.