Public Company Filings


QuestNet, a financial research firm, offers this useful EDGAR research tool. Search EDGAR documents from 1994 to present by CIK code, ticker symbol, company name or keyword. The keyword feature utilizes Boolean and proximity connectors (e.g., (mars near(15) candy not music)). This is a subscription-based resource, but researchers receive a KWIC peek at the placement of search terms as well as bibliographic information about matching filings. The site also offers an alert feature for subscribers.

10k Wizard

10k Wizard is a commercial service that makes public company filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission from 1994 to present available for searching, display and downloading. You may search by a variety of criteria, including ticker symbol, company name, keyword, form type, date and more. Using an indicator you slide into the desired position, you may display initial search results in 3 formats, which give you incrementally more information about each matching document. You may choose to display individual documents as "hits in context," (shows where keywords appear) "item outline," (like a table of contents) "page outline," (shows page numbers) "exhibits," "header," or "spreadsheets." You may increase the number of words that display in context to 100-200 words. Moreover, there are several options for printing, saving or e-mailing a document, which include various file formats. Regarding keyword searching, the service made a number of recent enhancements. You may now search all words, numerical values, punctuation and symbols. You may search within a set of results. 10k Wizard also supports numerous advanced commands and connectors, including, but not limited to, proximity connectors, nesting, stemming, and "at least" (number of times the keyword appears in a filing). 10k Wizard offers other databases in addition to newer EDGAR filings. For example, it contains an index of SEC filings back to 1966. You will also find no action and interpretative letters, federal securities regulations, SEC forms, and more.
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Search the Securities and Exchange Commission's database of public company filings. The search engine enables querying the full text of filings from the last four years. You may also access mutual fund filings.


This commercial alert service lets you create custom RSS feeds by company name, ticker symbol or keyword in the company name. It also provides several free feeds for monitoring new initial public offerings (IPOs), quarterly reports, annual reports or insider trading filings.

EDGAR Online

EDGAR Online offers company name and ticker symbol searching to retrieve SEC EDGAR filings. Nice features include the ability to retrieve a list of today's filings, automatic search features for obtaining company news, filings mentioning individuals by name (For example, search the ticker AMZN and then click on people to find Jeffrey Bezos. Click on his name to obtain other filings mentioning him.), sources for additional research, and more. Researchers seeking information about IPOs should check out the site's IPO Express.

EDGARPlus via Lexis/Nexis

Developed by Disclosure Incorporated (see Global Access below), EDGARPlus provides keyword access to the entire text of EDGAR documents. It also improves on formatting so that printing the filings poses less of a problem than it does via raw EDGAR.

Investing in Bonds

The Web site of The Bond Market Association offers historical trading data for municipal bonds, as well as daily corporate bond transactions and composite treasury reports.

NASDAQ Newsroom

This site offers breaking news including market reports, current IPOs and deleted companies, sector industry reports and other expert opinions, indexes and statistics from 1971 to present, and background information about NASDAQ. Also find a search tool for locating NASDAQ companies by name, symbol, state or zip code. The tool enables sorting by name, symbol, or market value.

Find fast, free, no-registration-required access to EDGAR filings. Search by ticker symbol, company name, or form and date. NOTE: Queries search the EDGAR document header information, not the full-text of the public filing. also provides various reports, including monthly public utility and real estate reports, recent SEC trading suspensions, small business filings, an IPO report, and more. Researchers may stay up-to-date with the filings of specific companies by using the company's email alert service.

With the tagline, "a Free Real Time Insider Trading Monitoring System," SecForm4 gives researchers easy access to current and historical insider trading information. Search by ticker symbol or CIK (unique EDGAR identifier), or browse by current transactions. Once the results display, you may then follow hyperlinks to retrieve, for instance, all transactions related to a person. You can also view the filed document online.


San Francisco-based Finnegan O'Malley & Company Inc. offers this database containing public filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (EDGAR) and the Canadian Securities Administrators (SEDGAR). A few things set it apart from other free EDGAR databases. For example, it includes filings from Canadian public companies. It offers several navigational features that link related filings and facilitate wading through voluminous documents. It also provides more search options. Rather than limiting searchers to queries comprised of a company name, ticker symbol, or CIK code, SECInfo enables name searching. The system further identifies whether the name corresponds to a company official or agent, or a group. Searchers may also query the system by industry, SIC code, zip code or other location data, and more.


SECnet, by CCH Washington Service Bureau, comprises several commercial databases. Filings offers an index of EDGAR and paper filings back to 1966. Full-Text serves as an interface to EDGARPlus. It permits searching using the same connectors and syntax as allowed by Lexis/Nexis. Registrations provides descriptions of 1933 Act registration statements. Topical invokes automatic searching of pre-set subjects. No-Action offers full-text search and retrieval of all no-action letters released since 1971. Watch allows researchers to track filings and receive periodic notification about certain filings.


SEDAR is the Canadian Securities Administrators' System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval. Search for filings by public companies or mutual funds. Also obtain company and mutual fund profiles. Profiles link directly to all the business' filings available in the database. Another feature lets researchers retrieve new filings of various types, including, takeover bids, press releases, and more.

Search a company name to find its stock transfer agents. Searching is free after submitting your name and email address. The information provided includes the stock transfer company's name, address and telephone number. Other resources available at the site include contact information for state secretaries of state, escheatment offices, and securities regulators, as well as a financial glossary, a state-by-state chart summarizing fiduciary powers, and resources for finding information about stock certificates when the transfer agent is no longer in business. For securities professionals, the site publishes transfer agent rules, regulatory information about escheatment and Rule 144 (disclosure rule), forms, security industry regulations, and other information.

A self-described alternative for financial information about public companies, provides a means for individual investors to offer their own expectations on companies and markets. Rather than repeating Wall Street analyst data available elsewhere, the site "sources information from the investor by the investor." Consequently, you must register to participate in, or access, the site. offers two services -- Earnings Data, which is free, and Market Sentiment Data, which is a subscription-based service. You may search Earnings Data by ticker symbol. Entries provide the name of the company, its current stock quote (delayed), the percent change, open, high and low bids, previous close and volume. For the current quarter, it provides the whisper number, Wall Street estimate and risk rating. It also offers several statistics for the prior quarters, including the whisper number's historical performance and how the whisper number compares to the same for the company's competitors.

Yahoo Finance

Obtain real-time stock quotes for a fee. This site compiles real-time financial news from major newswire services and maintains the links for seven (7) days. It offers search features for quick retrieval of specific stories.