Video Search Engines


Search by keyword for news clips, television shows, movies and other videos. Results appear in preview mode when available. This means the best match will begin to play when the search results load. Technical note: The site requires that you activate javascript. The time it took to run a search on the day we tested the site seemed longer than at comparable sites.

Google Video

Google Video indexes TV shows, movie clips, music videos, documentaries and personal video productions. Search by keyword or other advanced commands (e.g., title:, site:, inurl:). Additional qualifiers include language, duration, source and genre. Note: Truveo has more news sources than Google Video.

Truveo Video Search

Search by keyword for television shows, movies, breaking news, sports clips, music videos, or other types of videos. Advanced search filters are also available. Currently, these include qualifiers for the type of access (type:), duration (runtime:), quality (quality:), bitrate (bitrate:), format (format:), source (site:), index age (days_old), and size (file_size).

Yahoo Video Search

Search by keyword to find television shows, movies, news clips and other videos. Advanced search filters include format, size, duration and source. Search results contain video thumbnail.